Functions are missing from cv2

You've probably installed the wrong python library. Unfortunately, the cv2 package in PyPI is not related to OpenCV at all. It's a name-squatter who has managed to upload a useless, empty package. There are a couple of ways to install OpenCV:

  1. Install from source by following the directions on the OpenCV website.
  2. Install via apt: sudo apt-get install python-opencv.
  3. Install using Anaconda: conda install opencv.

DeepQ can't find a ROM, but it's right there!

DeepQ currently looks for its ROMs relative to Fathom's root directory. This is a bit hacky, and it will cause problems if you run anywhere else, regardless of whether you're using Fathom from the command-line or as a module. We're planning on fixing this eventually, but in the meantime, there are two solutions:

  1. Run from the Fathom root directory.

This should work:

$ git clone
$ cd fathom
$ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`
$ ./fathom/<model>/<model>.py

But this won't:

$ git clone /tmp/fathom
$ export PYTHONPATH=/tmp/fathom
$ /tmp/fathom/fathom/<model>/<model>.py
  1. Edit DeepQ to point to an absolute path.

The ROM_PATH variable in tells the model where to search for a ROM. If you replace this variable with the absolute path to fathom, you should be able to run it anywhere. For instance, this should work:

$ git clone /tmp/fathom
# in /tmp/fathom/fathom/deepq/
$ export PYTHONPATH=/tmp/fathom
$ python /tmp/fathom/fathom/deepq/

I found an issue with the Speech model!

Our implementation requires significant improvement, which we have not yet undertaken for lack of time.